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Frequently Asked Questions/Disclaimer:

  • Please note by purchasing any of the items listed on this website you have therefore, agreed and understand you have purchased an aged/second hand/used item. Unless specified otherwise. Because listed items are aged/second hand/used they can be issues and the items do not have any guarantees/warranties. Almost everything on this website is sold AS-IN condition. If you have an issue with an item. Please contact us and we can discuss the matter.

  • Return Policy? - Please understand the items you have purchased are usually aged/second hand/used items. They are no guarantees and issues may/will occur. We do try to ensure the items are all working/functional.  If you still would like to return the item. You have 14 days from date of arrival to make your statement and post return the item. Once I have received the item I will issue a full refund. However, once the 14 days from date of purchase has passed we will not accept any returns and a refund will not be issued. Some items will have considerations specified by the owner. It will be mentioned on the listing.
  • Are the the cameras inspected/tested? All cameras will undergo a general inspection and cleaned. To a degree the functionality will be tested. If film is put through it will be advised. If they are any issues with the camera it will be pointed out.
  • I am finding the prices high for my liking can I haggle/bargain? Yes, any items you see and want to make an offer please contact us and we can discuss the price. 
  • Do you do consignments? Yes, usually most of the items listed are from different owners. If you are insterested in listing your item please contact SCM and we can discuss the matter.
  • How much do you charge per consignment? This is going to be dependant on the item and the price you want to list. Please contact SCM and we can discuss the matter.
  • Relating to consignments are the products with SCM? Some items will be with SCM but most will be with the original owners. The system will be similar to drop shipping. Where it is the responsibility of the owners to post the items.
  • I am from Sydney can I pick up the item? There is a possibility. SCM is based in Haymarket, contact us and we can discuss the matter.
  • Shipping/postage - This will be done through Australia Post with fixed pricing for both local and overseas shipping. If they are other considerations like multiple items/weight/etc affecting the final cost. You will be notified and require to pay the difference.
  • Do you offer other meants of express shipping? Yes, at your expense please contact SCM and we can discuss the matter. You would specify which company you require i.e DHL, UPS, TNT, etc. SCM will go get a qoute and SCM will issue a paypal invoice.
  • Do you have an ABN and ar you licensed? Yes, our ABN 38030901738 and we hold the second-hand dealer licence.
  • Is it just the one guy running the website? Yes, and the Instagram too. So if I do not get back to you in a timely manner. My million apologies I can only try and do better.


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        Questions and Contact Information

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